Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe
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Introducing: Anchor Labs.

My name is Robyne, and I want to welcome you to Anchor Labs!

There is a place for you here.

About Anchor Labs


And I have come upon an important insight - I needed a bigger classroom!

So, here it is... Anchor Labs!

The course is very applicable and thought provoking especially for a younger demographic starting out in the working world.

Dr. Tom Naylor, Chiropractor (Everyday Resiliency)

The workbook is a piece of art!

Sara, Director in Entrepreneurship (All three courses)

It felt very clean and comfortable I liked the videos they made me feel connected with the instructor. I felt supported by the contact info being made readily available on many slides.

Sydney, University Student (Everyday Resiliency)

It is very easy to navigate and the small chunks of content are an

Beth, College Professor (Mastering Change)

Clean and slick, it was spectular!

Aiden, University Student (Resilient Leadership)
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