Mastering Change
Mastering Change online course by Dr. Robyne
Mastering Change
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Mastering Change

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While we can be quite resistant to change, we are extraordinarily adaptable and resilient. We are in a constant state of change and crave novelty,
yet are creatures of habit.

Whether expected or unexpected, change evokes a reaction. This course delves into two different, but connected topics of change:
Changes happening around us and behaviour changes we want to make.
While these two concepts are quite different, we can take our learning from the way we react to change and apply it to how we can implement our own changes. In this course, learners reflect upon their own reactions to change and transition and apply the five pillars of Everyday Resiliency to situations of change. Using common behaviour change models and ideas, learners are encouraged to apply learning to create a plan for behaviour change and commit to a desired future.

Material is presented in words, images, and videos to support
diverse learning styles.


Each learner will have access to a printable workbook as well as a digital, fillable workbook to support learning, reflection, and intentional commitment to Mastering Change. As you work through this course, your goals and circumstances may change. The workbook includes additional pages to revise plans for change or, as you accomplish your initial goal, you can use additional pages to make another plan!
The accompanying workbook has been thoughtfully created to support your learning journey through the course. While it may take longer to write things down, research supports that handwriting improves retention during the learning process. The workbook provides an opportunity to engage in activities, reflect on material, and support moving from intention to action.  
The workbook is available for purchase as a paper copy!

By completing this course, learners will: 

  • Explore why change is hard 

  • Understand and apply theories of change 

  • Apply a behaviour change plan to their own lives 

  • Develop strategies for maintaining personal behaviour change 

  • Reflect upon the desired future and commit to action  



Who is this course for? 

This course is for those experiencing changes around them and looking to make personal changes. It is intended for those who are prepared to reflect on their behaviours, actions, and reactions and use this knowledge to commit to action. 

How long will this course take me to complete?  

The course will vary in length depending on how you interact with it. It is possible to complete in 3 to 5 hours but may take longer depending on your learning style, reflection, and preparedness to engage with the content. 

When is the right time to complete this course?  

A good time to take this course is when you’re ready to make a behaviour change and look for ways to enact change in a sustainable and realistic way. It also may be the right time if you’ve experienced a lot of changes around you and are
looking for ways to adapt. 


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