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Resilient Leadership
Resilient Leadership
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Resilient Leadership

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Every day, leaders and teams encounter challenges, decisions, and setbacks.
This course is an invitation to examine what it means to be resilient - in the context of your work as a leader.
Leaders will explore the six characteristics of Lighthouse Leaders:
Prioritize self-stewardship, cultivate self-awareness, offer clarity, vision and energy,
foster psychological safety, practice resiliency and build capacity.
Topics throughout the course include having the courage to do have difficult conversations, setting boundaries, and self-care.   

People leading teams are often high performers who find themselves in leadership roles organically. Their personal skill sets and abilities make them likely candidates to lead projects and teams, yet leaders often report not knowing how to best support others. As with any role, building capacity is a blend of theory, practice, application, and reflection. Within the leadership comprehensive work, we will present a framework which has been found to significantly capacity for both emerging and seasoned leaders, while also addressing real-world and relevant topics uniquely designed for your leaders and their teams. The Resilient Leadership course offers opportunities for learning and application for each topic and recommends concrete strategies that are applicable to daily work and life. This course invites learners to get to know themselves and care for themselves on a daily basis. There are many opportunities for reflection to apply to learn and promote self-awareness. Learners will have an opportunity to reflect on what is working, and what might not be working while gaining new strategies or revisiting some familiar ones.  


 Material is presented in words, images, and videos to support

diverse learning styles.


Each learner will have access to a printable workbook as well as a digital, fillable workbook to support learning, reflection, and intentional commitment to Mastering Change. As you work through this course, your goals and circumstances may change. 

The accompanying workbook has been thoughtfully created to support your learning journey through the course. While it may take longer to write things down, research supports that handwriting improves retention during the learning process. The workbook provides an opportunity to engage in activities, reflect on material, and support moving from intention to action.  The workbook is available for purchase as a paper copy! 

By completing this course, participants will:   

  • Learn about the six characteristics of lighthouse leaders and see how what’s inside of you will shine the light for others.   

  • Feel well-equipped and encouraged to lead in seasons of change using research-based ideas, even when it is hard.  
  • Be encouraged and supported to meet your own needs first so that you can support the people in your care.  

  • Be ready to make intentional choices to put these ideas into action right away!  

Resilient Leadership will support the skill development required for:

  • Build self-stewardship proactively versus reactive self-care

  • Increasing self-awareness to understand leadership impact and opportunities

  • Communicating with clarity, vision, and energy to motivate and engage team members

  • Forging a workplace culture grounded in psychological safety

  • Understanding how resiliency supports high performance

  • Building and facilitating positive growth trajectories for self & others.

Who is this course for?  

This course is for leaders and team members who are curious about resilience. It is also for those who are feeling depleted and looking for strategies and approaches to move through work’s daily challenges.  
How long will this course take me to complete?  

The course will vary in length depending on how you interact with it. It is possible to complete in 5 hours but may take longer depending on your learning style, reflection, and preparedness to engage with the content.  
When is the right time to complete this course?   

The Resilient Leadership course can be completed in one sitting, or many. It’s divided into various sections so that you can learn a little, and then come back later if that suits your lifestyle and timeline. A good time to take this course is when you’re ready to reflect on daily practices and open to considering new approaches and strategies.  It might even be the right time when you’re feeling a bit wobbly or uneasy.  This course can be completed in one sitting, or many. It’s divided into various sections so that you can learn a little, and then come back later if that suits your lifestyle and timeline.  
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