Dr. Robyne pencil case, teacher gift
Dr. Robyne pencil case
Resiliency Kit
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Resiliency Kit

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This pencil case features items that have been curated by Dr. Robyne with an intention to remind you that you are capable of doing hard things and that you are okay in this very moment. 

These items have been selected from Canadian, women-led businesses. 

The pencils have been stamped by hand, the chocolate bar is handcrafted and the pencil case you hold comes from a women-led business. 

This item includes: 

100% Recycled Cotton Pencil Case, 8.5" X 11" 
The Organic Cotton Flat Travel Pouch features a zippered compartment to store all your small accessories, pencils, pens and more! 

Two Hand-stamped Pencils, Hex #2
Hand stamped in Canada with love! Pencils originate from the US. Each pencil features a message from Dr. Robyne in gold foil. 

Pen, Blue ink

Chocolate Bar, 70% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt
Handcrafted chocolate bar from Georgian Chocolate Co. This bar has been crafted with sustainably sourced, delicious dark chocolate. Featuring notes of subtle floral and finished with sea salt from Newfoundland Sea Salt Company. 

Vinyl Sticker, featuring a message from Dr. Robyne 
*Design may vary from the photo

Eraser, Latex and allergen free

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